Human Resources (HR)

Time-Saving. Automating your Payroll & Workforce Management.

Here’s How It Works:

Leave management

Simplified tracking for employee vacation and sick days.
Employees enter their requests (paid time off, sick leave, etc).
Managers decide to either approve or refuse time off requests.
Notification is sent to the employee and their calendar is updated automatically.

Set up periodical employee evaluation

Strengthen your company’s key asset : employees

Maintain the motivational process in your company by doing periodical evaluations of your employees’ performance. Regularly assess your human resources to bring benefits for your people as well as for your organization, whether it’s a small businesses or a large corporation.

Easy follow-up

Clearly see the appraisal status for each employee or for the whole company

Clear calendar view

Keep track of upcoming evaluations and send reminders to respondents

Exportable answers

Turn every evaluation into a printable PDF form.

Expense Management

Conveniently approve or reject each and every employees’ all in one place.
Employees simply need to take a photo of the receipt and upload it to the app.

Track Your Team’s Progress

Easily access data to record and analyse timesheets as well as check each employee’s attendance.

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