Manpower Agency

What /Industry:

Trains and deploy manpower across the various retail brands (Retail and employment services)

Set Goals:

To increase productivity levels and access to real-time information

Challenges they faced:

  • Very low productivity levels
  • Paper-based process which created lack of standardization and impacted efficiency
  • Lack of accurate and real-time information
  • Difficulty in tracking employees’ locations, whether they have reported to work on time. Was done on platforms like Whatsapp, which cause a lot of confusion among employers
  • There were no compatible solutions in the market

Benefits after using VIVE Software:

  • Increase cost savings, improved productivity levels thus leading to increased profitability
  • Streamlined workflows and automated majority of the processes
  • Brought about a lot of convenience to both employers and employees
  • Improved communication and satisfaction levels
  • Access to real-time information (eg real-time location of employees)
  • Increased mobility








The change in our system is important in making our system more efficient. We see great results and are glad that our digitalisation activities are being professionally handled by your team of specialists.”

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