Repair Services

What /Industry:

Provides repair services on commercial vehicles

Set Goals:

Automate its processes and ensure consistency for their reports


  • Paper-based processes are tedious and lack of standardization impacted efficiency
  • Cumbersome communications and management via spreadsheets and emails
  • Lack of accurate, real-time insights into business processes and performance and difficult to track updates across concurrent job orders
  • Scattered sources of information and processes
  • Significant manual data entry
  • No mobile access to business systems
  • Risk of delays and loss of customers due to inability to report quickly and coordinate across multiple workflows

Benefits after using VIVE Software:

  • Saves time and money, leading to increased profitability
  • Streamlined workflows and business processes, increase in productivity levels
  • Reduction in time spent on inefficient tasks, increasing workforce efficiency levels
  • Increase in customer satisfaction
  • Centralized access to project and business data enable us to gain real-time insights
  • Mobile access to business systems
  • Ability to handle more concurrent projects with business growth and reduced overheads
  • Easily integrated with leading technologies (eg IoT devices)









The change in our system is important in making our system more efficient. We see great results and are glad that our digitalisation activities are being professionally handled by your team of specialists.”

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